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Company history

Founded in the late 1980, initially we started as a home industry furniture that used raw materials of solid wood in the production process. At that time, the main activity of our business were to receive various orders, cooperate with small tenders, and customized furnishing to houses. The applied marketing way was still conventional, named door-to-door marketing. Along with the development of industry, we acquired a company in 1992 and merged it into an entity called PT Rackindo Setara Perkasa.

While running previous business, PT Rackindo Setara Perkasa started innovating to differentiate product as a new alternative for consumers. Our factory mass-produced knocked-down furnishings using Particle Board (PB), Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and laminated with paper or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Our featured products were bedroom set (bed, nakkas, wardrobe, and dresser table), kitchen set, living room set (decorative cabinet), shoes rack, credenza, bookcase, coffee table and audio video rack. By the method of business-to-business (B2B), product marketing were done to furniture shops in Jakarta and Greater area (Jabodetabek). We also cooperated with outsourcing agents or distributors spread throughout the major cities in Indonesia.

In 2001 PT Rackindo Setara Perkasa did another acquisition with a furniture company in which it remained to survive today. Three companies merged under the name of Rackindo Group then had different segmenting, targeting and positioning in market for each business. Still in the same core business, namely furniture, PT Rackindo Setara Perkasa (Rackindo) remained to focus on home furniture market, while PT Mitra Rackindo Perkasa Gemilang (Mitra) had a segment of high-end office furnitureand PT Surya Citra Indah Perkasa (Sucitra) was directed to the low-end office furniture.

Milestone history

First factory was established in Prepedan (West Jakarta)

First export to Saudi Arabia

Export to Maldives

Started exporting to Philippines and Malaysia

Factory relocated to Kompleks Pergudangan Kamal Indah (West Jakarta)

Expansion of the factory up to 8.000 m2

Export demand for Africa and Libya

First time to export to UAE

The factory was expanded up to 12.000 m2

Export to Australia

Factory expansion up to 15.000 m2


  • To be a professional furniture company and align with international standard
  • To create innovative products with guaranteed quality and be a solution for its users


  • To always strive to meet customer expectation and grow in innovation
  • To develop professionalism of human resources with a high standard
  • To optimize the production factors for maximum profit growth and employees’ welfare

Work culture

PT Rackindo Setara Perkasa has a work culture that uphold honesty, responsibility, ethicsand integrity. For development of the company, employees also have the spirit of cooperation supported by the character of integrity and good communication. We always provide opportunities and be open to any idea given by employees to improve better proses and enhance quality and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.